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 Fusion Sleep Solutions, LLC offers comprehensive Combination Sleep Therapy solutions to ensure the Dental Sleep Medicine Specialist is armed with the full suite of tools necessary for success. There are two aspects of our mission.


One is teaching. We train dentists how to implement combination therapy into their practice in order to offer this critical option to their patients with obstructive sleep apnea. We teach them how to implement integrated combination therapy into their practice. The Fusion Custom Mask is taught to the dentist and staff.


Two is fabrication of the Fusion Custom Mask. We continue to develop ways to fabricate the Fusion Custom Mask. We are constantly looking for ways to fabricate the FCM with cutting edge technology in order to reduce the costs and improve the device.





Struggling to get Physician Referrals into your Dental Sleep practice?

Looking for a Solution to OAT failures?

Want to treat severe OSA in your practice?



Fusion Sleep Solutions offers comprehensive advanced courses that will help you navigate the world of Combination Sleep Therapy implementation into your practice.  From staff training to marketing and billing techniques, Fusion will help you take the guesswork out of this critical treatment modality that every sleep dentist should be able to offer to their patients with sleep disordered breathing. An Advanced course is required in order to become a Certified provider of the Fusion Custom Mask™ and is offered as a standalone course and occasiosionaly as part of a more comprehensive sleep program. 


Advanced Course in Combination Sleep Therapy 

**This course is required in order to be a Certified provider of the Fusion Custom Mask™

Always wanted to know how to implement Combination Therapy into your practice?  

When is it a necessary sleep treatment modality? 

One day workshop on Integrated Combination Therapy with the Fusion Custom Mask.

  • Complications of OAT and overcoming obstacles to success.

  • Combination therapy with the MAS and CPAP.

  • How to build relationships with sleep physicians

  • Clinical rational for combination therapy.

  • Learn the clinical skills on how to fabricate and deliver two types of combination devices.  To learn how to communicate with the Sleep Physician in combination therapy

  • Understand basic concepts of CPAP as it applies to combination therapy.

  • Delegation of training of the dental staff will be taught so that the Dentist can be efficient and profitable with the delivery and management of the combination therapy.

  • Learn how to take this advanced information and knowledge of combination therapy and put it into your general dental practice first thing on Monday morning.


Ronald S. Prehn, ThM, DDS and Team



Contact us to process registration, for a  complete

agenda, welcome packet and instructions on course materials. 




Attendance is limited 

We HIGHLY encourage you to bring your key Clinical Assistant at no extra charge 


We are continuously working on more dates and locations for course offerings where you will learn the required Combination Therapy techniques to become a Fusion Custom MaskCertified provider. Below is the current offerings for this course.


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Current Courses 

Dates Coming Soon! 

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Fusion Custom Mask Demo Display Model

Fusion Custom Mask Demo Display Model


Articles & Abstracts

Combination Sleep Therapy

March 27, 2018

What therapeutic options does a sleep dentist have when Oral Appliance (OA) monotherapy fails? Since most dental sleep patients choose OAT (oral appliance therapy) because they have already rejected CPAP (continuous airway pressure) or are CPAP intolerant, what can be done? They can’t go back to CPAP! OAT is not resolving their sleep breathing issues. What is next? What can the sleep dentist do? Where can these patients go?

A Descriptive Report of Combination Therapy

April 10, 2017

Study Objectives: This is a descriptive retrospective study about the efficacy of combination therapy using the TAP-PAP custom face mask (CFM) interface, with a literature review of combination therapy. The purpose of this study is to determine which group of failed obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) therapies would benefit from combination therapy with the CFM. The three failed therapies are mandibular advancement splint (MAS) monotherapy, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) monotherapy, and TAP-PAP CS (nasal pillows) combination therapy. Clinically, this will assist the clinician to understand the benefit of the CFM when the patient’s current therapy fails.

Fabrication technique for a custom face mask for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea

January 08, 2016

ABSTRACT:   The development of the positive airway pressure custom mask (TAP-PAP CM) has changed the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. The TAP-PAP CM is used in continuous positive airway pressure therapy (CPAP) and is fabricated from the impression of the face. This mask is then connected to a post screwed into the mechanism of the TAP3 (Thornton Anterior Positioner) oral appliance. This strapless CPAP face mask features an efficient and stable CPAP interface with mandibular stabilization (Hybrid Therapy). A technique with a 2-stage polyvinyl siloxane face impression is described that offers improvements over the established single-stage face impression. This 2-stage impression technique eliminates problems inherent in the single-stage face impression, including voids, compressed tissue, inadequate borders, and a rushed experience due to the setting time of the single stage. The result is a custom mask with an improved seal to the CPAP device. 

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