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Advanced Course in Combination Therapy
Always wanted to know how to implement Combination Therapy into your practice?  When is it a necessary sleep treatment modality?  Both Type I (MAS with a CPAP) and Type II (CPAP attached to the MAS) Combination Therapy will be accomplished in the course including the fabrication of the TAP-PAP Custom Mask. Patient management with emphasis on working with CPAP machines and the Sleep Physician will help the participant know how to add this critical therapy to the challenging cases.

Advanced Course in Combination Therapy

  • · To understand both the clinical rationale for combination therapy and the practical implementation into a viable therapeutic option for those who fail CPAP and OAT.

    · To learn the clinical skills on how to fabricate and deliver two types of combination devices.  The first is the TAP – PAP CS (Chairside), and the other is a TAP – PAP CM (Custom Mask).

    · To learn how to communicate with the Sleep Physician in combination therapy

    · To understand basic concepts of CPAP therapy as it applies to combination therapy.

    · Delegation of training of the dental staff will be taught so that the Dentist can be efficient and profitable with the delivery and management of the combination therapy.

    · To learn how to take this advanced information and knowledge of combination therapy and put it into your general dental practice first thing on Monday morning.



    Ronald S. Prehn, DDS, ThM, Jerald H. Simmons, MD



    1001 Medical Plaza Drive, Suite 200  The  Woodlands, TX 

    77380  281-296-6797



    Thurs. July 14-Sat July 16, 2016



    Call for registration, welcome packet and instructions on getting CM shells fabricated.  281-825-8516


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